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Market Research

Knowing how your customers and non-customers think, how they behave and above all 'why' is a prerequisite for future differentiation. UNICO detects trends, generates consumer insights and tests ideas, products, concepts and types of packaging with your target groups. The deciding factor here is that UNICO combines psychological competence with marketing and sales experience from the industry in its analysis. As a result, you receive clear and easily implementable recommendations as a basis for making decisions to promote the growth of your brands.

Tools Market Research


  • Trend-Scouting
    Analysis of relevant trends which can play a role in the future for your brands: consumer trends, technology, legislation, values and attitudes, analysis of global relaunches etc.  
  • Concept, packaging and communication tests
    Testing new concepts, packaging and communication campaigns based on focus groups and/or in-depth individual interviews
  • Brand Essence Study
    Study of the brand perception in the competitive environment based on focus groups and/or indepth individual interviews
  • Shopper Insights (quantitative)
    Observation and surveys of shoppers directly at the shop shelf.
     Understanding of the buying behaviour and generation of channel and category-specific insights
  • System analysis (sensitivity analysis for organisational development)
    Holistic approach: system analysis meetings with the spokespeople from your company to determine the relevant factors which have an effect on a certain topic (sustainability, CRM etc.). Definition of the intensity of each factor on the complete system and vice versa
  • Fridge Insight (in-home)
    Analysis of the consumer behaviour of persons in their household in relation to the use of their refrigerator ⇒ Insights to optimise the branding and the packaging of your products
  • Sensory Tests
    Sensory evaluation of foods in collaboration with sensory experts from Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW)
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