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Brand Positioning

Brands which attract customers. We create a unique position for your brand in the hearts and minds of your customers. A strong, credible promise that is based on clear consumer insights.

Tools Brand Positioning


  • 360° brand analysis
    Analysis of the decisive dimensions which have an effect on your brand: company strategy, brand strategy, brand heritage, trends, competitive environment and market development dynamics, product portfolio and performance, core competencies, technology, legal frameworks, brand perception from the customer perspective (brand essence), SWOT analysis, relevant consumer insights, relevant shopper insights involving your product category, sensory analysis of the products versus competitor offers, etc.
  • Diamond – Brand positioning
    Interdisciplinary workshops for the development / intensification of the brand strategy (USP/ Reason why and Reason to believe/ Benefit) based on the "UNICO Diamond" (UNICO Diamant) tool. Development of the communication strategy, as derived from the brand positioning (advertising, promotion, package design, 1:1 communication, Internet presence, icons, selling stories, logo, etc.)
  • Consumer response on alternative brand positioning
    Testing of brand positioning alternatives with relevant stakeholders and integration of respective learnings into the final implementation of the future brand strategy

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