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Food Evolution illuminates the future of your product category. What happens when a large number of food technology students, specialists and open-minded thinkers brainstorm with you about the future of your category? New things are created: innovative recipes, sustainable packaging, surprising customer benefits and meaningful product concepts for your brands.

 Tools Innovation


  • Ideation via consumer dialogue session

    During a half-day consumer dialogue session, an interdisciplinary group of 12 people give new thought to the future of your brand. Based on relevant consumer insights, innovative ideas for new products, brand positioning, naming or packaging get developed, visually prototyped and instantly mirrored with consumers. Composition: 3 people of your company / 5 consumers of your products and competitor brands /
    2 out-of-the-box thinkers / 1 Unico consumer insight and innovation manager / 1 Unico designer 

  • Ideation via consumer-workshop
    At creative workshops, your team will work with external specialists and out-of-the-box thinkers to develop fresh ideas for your search field. A high level of commitment and motivation are guaranteed because people from your company are there from the very beginning
  • Ideation with ZHAW-students

    A large number of food technology students at the Zurich University of Applied Science will spend an entire week developing ideas into your innovation search field. UNICO accompanies and moderates the process along with ZHAW technology experts as well as package designers

  • Ideation via web community 
    In just a few days, a large web community generates many surprising ideas surrounding your innovation search field
  • Think Tank – Conceptualisation
    Interdisciplinary workshops along with your team in order to develop marketable product concepts which are possible to create from a technical point of view on the basis of the chosen raw ideas
  • Prototyping – Product Samples
    Initial product samples are created for the selected raw ideas at the ZHAW pilot plant to be able to capture them in terms of sensory reactions
  • Prototyping – Packaging
    The selected raw ideas are implemented into visual packaging and design prototypes by industrial and packaging designers.
  • Facilitating your innovation process
    UNICO accompanies and moderates your innovation and renovation process and brings in external perspectives at the same time

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