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Unico-first AG 
Rosenbergstrasse 8
CH-9000 St.Gallen 

Tel. +41 71 228 55 44


Who we are…

UNICO is an idea factory for new  products and services in the field of food and beverages, FMCG and services. 

Since 12 years we analyse markets, consumers, shoppers and trends and use the generated insights to develop innovative ideas and concepts for brand differentiation and market growth. Our customers are global multinational companies as well as SMB’s.

... and what we offer:

Market analysis:  What’s your products’ and services’ position in the competitive market landscape?

Needs check: What are the reasons that potential customers are not (yet) yours? 

Product and service development:  Which innovative products or services will attract these potential customers?

Potential check:  How does the target group react to your newly developed products and/ or services? What is the future potential for your company?

Dark chocolate tastes bitter. Really?

Learn more about the new chocolate manufactoring process (German)

Patent for new manufacturing process for soluble coffee of UNICO and ZHAW granted